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In the bathroom decoration, in order not to let the bath affect other areas, the shower room has almost become one of the standard designs for each household. So, how much is the appropriate size of shower partition? How should the size of shower room be measured? Next, Jinan shower partition Xiaobian came to talk with you about the size of shower partition.
1. What is the appropriate size of shower partition?
1. Width of shower room
The width of the shower room is about 900*900mm, which can meet the needs of life. Of course, the size of the shower room should not be less than 800*800mm. Because if it is less than 800mm, there will be some restrictions on the human body's free rotation. I believe nobody likes to bump into glass as soon as they turn around. If you are fat, you can also change it to 1000*1000mm. We can make adjustments according to the actual situation.
2. height of shower room
The ceiling of the common family toilet is about 2400 mm, so the height is between 1800 and 2000 mm. If your home is tall, it can be designed according to the height of your family. Here we remind you about the height of shower appliances, too low easy to splash water, too high will affect the beauty, so it depends on the actual user's body to locate.
3. Distance from heating equipment
Bath warmer, heating film and air heater are common heating equipment in bathroom. The location of our shower room and the distance between these heating equipments are also exquisite. For example: Bath bully, according to the size of the whole bathroom, not necessarily very designed in the shower room directly above. If the location is very close to the shower room, it is easy to cause product aging.
2. Measurement method of shower partition size
1. For the arc-shaped shower partition, only the peripheral dimensions of the two sides of the stone foundation need to be measured. Especially in the screen shower room with a kind of wall-connected aluminium material, the actual result will generally be reduced by 5mm; and the glass clip that actually will be reduced by 2mm, we must pay attention to these two details, do not need to reserve too much.
2. In the whole practical measurement, some household types will incline or sink because of decoration and other reasons. At this time, the measurement should record the specific width of the upper, middle and lower three positions, and select one of the smaller sizes to give the shower room.
3. It is unavoidable to encounter exotic household types when measuring, such as strengthening doors, lengthening pull rods and so on. If you encounter a special type of situation, you want to measure the size of the abnormal area, and determine the correct opening direction and the size of the door frame.
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