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  1. Check the comprehensive operation of the automatic door motor and the loss of vulnerable parts. The operation performance of the whole machine is adjusted to normal state.
  2. Maintenance equipment, troubleshooting.
  3. Replace pulley, tension pulley, ground pulley and other vulnerable parts.
  4. Wax the belt.
  5. Gear oil should be applied to the mechanical transmission part, and the place with more dust should be cleaned, and the lubricating oil should be played well again.
  6. Stainless steel shell should not be cleaned with corrosive cleaning, otherwise rust spots are easy to appear and affect the appearance.
  7. In the process of use, if you find that the door machine does not move and there is a buzzing sound, please turn off the switch, immediately check whether the automatic door is jammed by foreign matters, and then restore the power supply after troubleshooting!
  8. If the door is always open and closed, turn off the power immediately, check the inductor and related circuit in time, and replace the damaged original device in time, so as to avoid damaging the motor and causing greater loss!
  9. If part of the glass is broken, please turn off the motor, so as to avoid the weight inequality and damage the motor!
  10. When not in use for a long time, please cut off the power supply to prevent the motor from being damaged by lightning strike!
  11. If the glass and accessories are found to be loose, repair immediately.
  Where is the source of induction automatic door signal?
  The door opening signal of the induction door is a contact signal. Microwave radar and infrared sensor are two common signal sources. Microwave radar is the response to the displacement of objects, so the response speed is fast. It is suitable for places where people with normal walking speed pass by. Its characteristic is that once the personnel near the door do not want to go out and stay still, the radar will not respond and the automatic door will be blocked, Play a maintenance role on door opportunities.
  The infrared sensor has no response to the object. No matter whether the personnel move or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will react, that is, the contact signal will be sent out. The defect is that the response speed of infrared sensor is slow, so it is suitable for places with slow moving personnel.
  In addition, if the induction gate receives the contact signal for a long time, the controller will think that the signal input system presents obstacles. And automatic translation door if adhere to open for too long, will also be harmful to electrical components. Because microwave radar and infrared sensors do not understand whether people close to the automatic door really want to enter the door, some places prefer to use the key switch.
  Key switch can be a contact type button, convenient is the so-called elbow touch switch. Elbow touch switch is very useful. It can be operated by elbow. There are also foot switches, the same function, but the request for waterproof is higher, and the pedal strength is great, simple to make the pedal switch invalid. There is also a handle with contact switch. When the handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction) in place, the contact signal is supplied to the door motor.
  Today's building automation sometimes makes some other requests, such as using a branch line of the telephone to open the door. To achieve this request, simply let the signal be a passive contact signal.


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